Who benefits from a healthier workplace?

Although everyone benefits from a healthier workplace, employers stand to benefit the most.
A healthier workplace.

A healthier workplace IS NOT the result of hiring, supporting and defending individuals who bully and harass coworkers, staff and others.

We’re constantly hearing the same stories, only with different players and circumstances. Two examples of extreme workplace harassment and hostility are:

  • Jian Ghomeshi being fired from the CBC over allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and workplace harassment, and
  • 220px-BillCosbyCoverage of Bill Cosby’s long term sexual harassment and assault by drugging of numerous women in both his personal and workplace circle.

Recent news stories from all over the globe highlight the consequences of these behaviors, including the rise in suicides as a result of bullying of all types and in all environments.

I do believe this is a problem that must be addressed. Employers are already suffering as much as the employees who are targeted by this behavior – and will continue to do so at an increasing rate if this is not addressed.

Employers are already feeling the financial, management and workplace wellness consequences of losing staff to PTSD, anxiety, or any of the other damaging effects of bullying and harassment – whether short term or long term.

It is in the employers’ best interest to safeguard the health and well-being of their employees.

Employees who are happy and comfortable in their workplace are much less likely to become ill or quit, saving the employer time and money, and contributing still further to a healthier workplace.

photo credit: wikipedia.org

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