What is telephone counseling?

Telephone counseling is a psychological service that is performed with groups, couples, and individuals over the phone.
telephone counseling

What is telephone counseling?

The main advantage to using this type of service is that there are no time, cost, or duration constraints.

Telephone counseling is suitable for people who need professional advice on a psychological matter. It is also ideal for individuals who are suffering from anxiety or depression.

Telephone counseling information.

Telephone counseling has been around for a long time, but recent mobile phone technological advancements have increased the popularity of the service.

Being able to have counseling wherever you please and not being confined to an office can be very beneficial to some people.

To try the service, you must contact a counselor so that you can discuss your particular problem. The counselor will consider your situation and will recommend phone counseling if it is the most effective solution to your problem.

During the first phone call, the counselor will need your background information.

The counselor will also recommend the number of counseling sessions that will you need.

How to choose a counselor.

The first step involves getting recommendations from friends and family. You can also find information about local counselors by visiting their websites.

On some sites, there may be a testimonials area. You could find valuable options here as well.

Call a few counselors before you make your final decision. By gathering information, you can compare each counselor’s services.

Always check the license requirements in your city because different counselors must hold certain certificates and licenses to practice in certain states.

An efficient depression treatment method.

According to a study, phone counseling provides lasting benefits to patients.

393 depressed individuals who just started using antidepressants were included in the study.

The participants who received several phone counseling sessions for more than one year improved their depression symptoms. The individuals who did not receive phone therapy had less of an improvement.

The patients in the study were divided into two groups.

One group received counseling by phone along with traditional depression treatment.

The other group only received typical depression care.

The group who discussed their problems with counselors by phone obtained 10 to 12 sessions throughout one year. The counselors who provided the counseling were specially trained, Each individual having a master’s degree in psychology.

Phone counseling is effective for depression sufferers because the sessions help them manage their negative thoughts.

The key benefits.

Since counseling is done over the phone, you don’t need to travel anywhere.

Phone counseling is much more stress free and relaxing as you never to have worry about issues such as traffic jams and transportation problems.

It is also quite convenient since sessions take place in your own home. If you use a speakerphone, if is possible for more than one person to participate in the session.

Overall, if you need counseling, you should consider contacting a telephone counselor because there are no time or location boundaries.

You can have a session if you are slightly ill or out of town.

People who had sessions by phone increased their independence and decision-making abilities. There are few risks because each state has specific telephone counseling guidelines.

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