Welcome to JobBully.com!

Hi y’all! Welcome to JobBully.com, a brand new site I’ve created and uploaded today.

It’s intended to be a forum for everyone affected by bullying of any kind, but especially workplace bullying or mobbing to have their say, meet others in similar circumstances and hopefully build a strong and supportive community.

I am a victim of bullying and mobbing.

I recently became a member of a Linked-In Administrative Assistant group and it seems the entire conversation lately has been dominated by this very topic.

Since I have been debating starting this website for quite a while now, and since I’ve received a few requests to do so, I’ve decided to be brave and jump right in.

Be aware that because this site is so new and I’ve never worked with forum or chat sites before, there may be some issues. If so, please let me know and I will do my best to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Please do register, make comments, enter the discussion and yes, I’d appreciate some guest posts as well.

Christine Blythe


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