This app lets students anonymously report bullying and crime. | GeekWire

A mantra around the country is if you see something, say something. But that might be harder than it sounds in school hallways.

Now, students who may fear retaliation have an anonymous way of reporting devious activity to school officials. As King 5 reports, the app is called Anonymous Alerts, and it lets kids safely share any sort of harmful behavior — be it bullying, drug dealing or a student carrying a weapon — to school officials without fear of becoming a target themselves.

Vashon Island and Manson School Districts have implemented the apps in their schools. Vashon Island school officials told King 5 that “they like the way the app works. They’ve had a fair amount of reports, as well as a few false reports,” but overall are pleased with the system… [read more]

Source: This app lets students anonymously report bullying and crime – GeekWire

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