Suspect identified in the investigation into Amanda Todd’s suicide.

In a post I wrote earlier for my Feathering the Empty Nest blog, “We Need Defined Laws Regarding Rights of Access to Internet Accounts, Users and Activities for Law Enforcement,” I described the circumstances surrounding Amanda Todd’s suicide after unmerciful cyberbullying and harassment.
There is a suspect in Amanda Todd's suicide.

The investigation into Amanda Todd’s suicide has uncovered a suspect from the Netherlands.

Investigators say a 36-year old Dutch man, identified solely as Aydin C. under Dutch privacy laws, is suspected of possessing pornography with which he coerced and harassed victims over the internet with their own nude photos. He is believed to be responsible for the online harassment cases of up to forty people in the Netherlands and others from several other countries, which include the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Canada may seek Aydin C.’s extradition in the Amanda Todd case, the Canadian teenager who drew global attention to cyberbullying through a video she posted on YouTube, telling her story. Just weeks later, Amanda committed suicide.

The Prosecutor in the case says nine Dutch victims will be pressing charges once they are able to overcome complications in the case.  Aydin C. has not assisted investigators in unencrypting The digital storage devices seized in Aydin C.’s arrest remain encrypted as he will not cooperate in deciphering them. Providing encryption passwords would work against the suspect by indicating his involvement in, if not outright control of the harassment campaigns.

Kramer is quoted to made several damning statements to other victims, including, “I don’t care about your age .” and “I will drive you to kill yourself.”

Aydin’s lack of cooperation extends to refusing psychological testing and he does not have to enter a plea in the case.

The investigation is expected to wrap up later this year and a trial could possibly take place sometime in 2015.

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