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Social networks’ failure to tackle cyber-bullying is risking the mental health of young people, a Children’s Society survey has found.

Almost half of 1,089 11 to 25-year-olds questioned for the Safety Net report had experienced threatening or nasty social media messages, emails or texts.

Two-thirds said they would not tell their parents if they experienced something upsetting online.

However 83% want social media companies to do more to tackle the problem.

According to the Safety Net report, most of the respondents felt that there was a lack of consequences for people who engage in bullying behaviour online, in contrast to the offline world.

“Social media companies should take complaints more seriously. If someone reports something, they shouldn’t take days to review it, they should literally just remove it straight away,” said a 15-year-old girl, who responded to the online survey.

“The reaction from adults is just delete your account to stop the bullying, but that’s taking something away from that young person’s life for something that’s not their fault.”

The inquiry is calling on social media companies and the government to act to tackle cyber-bullying.

The inquiry is recommending that social media companies:

  • Respond to reports of bullying within 24 hours
  • Give young users clearer guidelines on how they should behave online
  • Take tougher action on those who break the rules

It also advises the government to:

  • Launch online safety lessons in schools
  • Require social networks to report cyber-bullying data

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Source: Social media firms ‘failing’ to tackle cyber-bullying – BBC News


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