Recovery Center Spearheading Bully-Proof Treatment

Orange County Recovery Center Spearheading Bully-Proof Treatment

New Anti-bullying Laws Only Go So Far

bully-proof treatment

Recovery Center Spearheading Bully-Proof Treatment


Morningside Recovery of Orange County, California, is pioneering a special treatment program for clients with histories of bullying, addressing their needs as victims. This unique treatment will include the option of exploring bullying topics, including the strong connection between bullying and mental health and addiction issues, in a safe, therapist-led group environment.

Bullying and cyberbullying, no matter the age or place, can leave devastating psychological effects on an individual for years to come, including anxiety, depression, and in some cases thoughts of suicide or violence. It is not unusual for the bullied to become bullies themselves.

“Often, clients with bullying histories don’t make the connection between the memories of these past experiences and their role as emotional triggers in their addictions or psychological issues,” explains Morningside Recovery Primary Therapist Jacqueline Hoagland. “Now there are more avenues than ever for bullying to take place, and it’s something that happens among children, adolescents, and adults alike.”

Morningside Recovery’s innovative bully-proof treatment track is the first of its kind, aiming to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and guidance to deal with these issues, which have lasting negative effects on the bullied.

A major goal of bullying treatment is to restore inner-strength and self-esteem so the individual can heal and emerge from treatment ready to rejoin the community as a healthy member rather than a social victim or outcast.

As Hoagland insists, “Bullying is a community issue that requires compassionate role models at home, the workplace, the classroom, and in therapy. Building rapports of understanding and empathy is essential to bully-proofing, bullying prevention and treatment.”

Morningside Recovery offers non-lockdown treatment in Costa Mesa, CA, to improve the lives of those afflicted with addiction or mental illness.
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