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Business executive Lynn Ong believes in the power of teamwork, and takes preventive measures to avoid having negativity that hinders business performance.


Job Bully: Mobbing.

The negativity that stems from office politics and workplace bullying brings with it many detrimental effects, as it creates an unpleasant environment leading to inefficiency and an overall hampered productivity, asserted Lynn Ong, president director of Electrolux Indonesia, a Sweden-based home appliances giant.

“I neither like nor believe in office politics. I also don’t tolerate bullying. I have always believed that the work environment has to be a positive and happy place because we spend so many of our waking hours working. And sometimes you find yourself still thinking about work even after you’re home,” Ong told The Jakarta Post during a recent interview in her office.

She said that negative working environments hampered teamwork and led to inefficiency and difficulty in reaching targets.

Workplace bullying is generally defined as harassing, offending or socially excluding a colleague, or otherwise negatively affecting someone’s work performance. Many studies have indicated that workplace bullying results in numerous adverse consequences…

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Source: Preventing office politics and workplace bullying | The Jakarta Post

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