Press Release: NoBullying’s 2015 bullying report titled “The Complicated Web of Teen Lives.”

Press Release: NoBullying’s 2015 bullying report titled “The Complicated Web of Teen Lives.”

London, UK (PRWEB) March 11, 2015

Break the bullying cycle.

Break the bullying cycle: It begins at home.

To wrap up a year filled with bullying cases, bullying news and sadly, bullying victims, NoBullying releases today its annual 2015 bullying report under the title “The Complicated Web of Teen Lives”.

The report’s main purpose was to list the latest bullying statistics and cyber bullying statistics from the year 2014 as well as bullying cases that made the news throughout the year, however, upon examination, NoBullying found out the sad truth that for teens and children undergoing bullying, there are so much more underlying reasons and consequences to bullying, cyber bullying and living in a world dependent totally on the internet.

The report covers definitions, numbers, trends and cases related to bullying, cyber bullying, online safety, sexual predators online, child pornography and sexualized content online. It also covers the trend of sexting, the different types of abuse such as physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, verbal abuse and sexual abuse.

Annual bullying report.

And because teens and children sometimes face more forms of abuse such as child abuse and rape, depression is one of the underlying symptoms of life for teenagers in today’s world. NoBullying dedicated a part of its annual report to child and teen depression, its signs and symptoms as well as types of depression associated with bullying victims.

Another sadly tragic element of teens’ lives in some parts of the world is suicide, according to NoBullying’s Staff. With the cases of Leelah Alcorn and Ronin Shumizu making the news, it appears that suicide is back on the forefront of news and parents need to understand the recent cases and numbers related to teen suicide and why teens do what they do.

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