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The principal is committed to ensuring that the university continues to be a proactive and responsive community that promotes every student’s success from the day they arrive through to graduation.

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“Student mental health is a serious and growing issue at universities and colleges in Canada and around the world, including Queen’s… As a community, we must strive to be proactive in seeking to provide a teaching and learning environment that supports our students in all facets of their lives, including their mental health.”

Principal Daniel Woolf

Recent advances in student mental health projects and programs at the university include:

Principal’s Commission on Mental Health

In November 2012, the Principal’s Commission on Mental Health submitted a report to Principal Daniel Woolf and the Queen’s community. The report was the result of a year-long process that was based on comprehensive input from students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, mental health professionals and community members who generously gave their time to share their knowledge, experience, insight and ideas.

The university continues to enact change based on the report’s 116 recommendations, framed within a four-level pyramidal framework for a mental health strategy for Queen’s:

  • promoting a healthy community.
  • easing transitions and fostering resilience.
  • encouraging help-seeking and helping behaviour.
  • providing effective response, service and care.

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Source: Mental Health | Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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