Man apologized to his victim for bullying 20 years after the fact.

There’s nothing like being forced to look at our own behavior and the example it sets for our children. This same dilemma confronted Louie Amundson before he apologized to his victim for bullying – 20 years after the fact.

Bullying and Peer Pressure on Teens

Bullying amongst teens.

Chad Michael Morrisette, 34, who works as a brand consultant and visual designer in West Hollywood, California, grew up in a small town in Alaska. He was bullied in the sixth grade for being gay by several of his fellow classmates. The bullying consisted of stalking, threatening behavior, humiliation and physical pushing and shoving.

The message Chad received was enlightening as Louie Amundson related how he had been questioned by his 20 year old daughter about whether he had ever bullied anyone. He had to reply “yes” as he was one of those who bullied Chad. He went on to express his remorse and apologize for his actions.

As unexpected as it was, Morrisette was greatly affected by the apology, bringing up long suppressed emotions.

He replied, accepting the apology.

Amundson expressed his relief at the acceptance of his apology, stating that it was worth it. He further said that although he could not take back his threats and taunts from earlier years, he was glad to make the apology as it was all he could think of to try and right the wrong.

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