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Almost everybody has at least one horror story about a terrible boss. I have five such stories, from five different bosses. These are the skills it took to survive them all.

1. The incompetent.

Following the acquisition of a previous company I worked for, a new vice president was named to takeover our high-functioning public affairs group that included government relations, community affairs, external and internal communications as well as corporate social responsibility.

While I was initially optimistic, within a few weeks my positivity faded as she gerrymandered the team’s roles and responsibilities into a confusing, unworkable mess, with no face-to-face input or direct briefings from her down line. Within nine months of her taking over, more than 60 percent of the team had turned over voluntarily.

I didn’t know the depth of her incompetence until…

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Source: How to Survive 5 Types of Toxic Bosses

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