How to know if telephone counseling is the right solution for you?

For most people, making the choice to seek professional help for their personal challenges is not an easy one. It’s important to know if telephone counseling is the right solution for you, and that it is readily available and easily accessible.

Telephone counseling: The right solution for you?

Telephone counseling: The right solution for you?

Many patients are ashamed or embarrassed about seeking counseling.

Because we live in a society that is only just beginning to advance its mental health amenities, those living with mental disorders may feel like they do not have a safe place to turn.

Luckily, there are ways for anyone who needs counseling to receive the service without leaving the security of the four walls of their residence.

Leaving the home can provoke fear in anyone who suffers from severe anxiety.

For the early stages of counseling, telephone counseling might be an ideal avenue.

While some might find they only need telephone counseling at the beginning of their treatment, later making the decision to see a therapist in his or her office, others might find they stick with telephone counseling on a more permanent basis.

Telephone counseling can appeal to a variety of patrons. Individuals, couples and groups can all benefit from the service in different ways.

While there are benefits for those who are anxious about leaving their residence, there are some additional perks.

Receiving counseling over the telephone reduces costs associated with transportation to and from a therapist’s office.

There is also the added benefit of remaining essentially anonymous, which can help with patients who suffer from anxiety and depression.

While some therapists might require a name, there are plenty of anonymous crisis lines that can assist a troubled person without ever asking for revealing information. This can be a comfort to anyone who is struggling with being associated with their condition.

For couples, receiving counseling from the home via telephone can be just as comforting.

Some couples might feel as though their relationship will be judged in a setting where they must face their therapist.

By receiving telephone counseling, they never have to see their therapist in person, and they might feel like their relationship is less exposed.

Sometimes, the atmosphere of a therapist’s office can be intimidating or uncomfortable for a patient.

Telephone counseling allows less distractions. During telephone counseling, all the patient has to focus on is the phone call. If the patient is self-conscious about his or her appearance, the patient can avoid any discomfort with telephone counseling.

Telephone counseling accommodates a patient’s schedule in ways that in-person counseling does not. For a busy patient, such as a mother or full-time worker, telephone counseling can be very convenient.

Furthermore, telephone counseling provides wonderful, quality counseling services from areas of the country – or world – a patient might not have access to otherwise, due to their location.

Through telephone counseling, a patient can communicate with a highly-qualified therapist across the country from the comfort of their own home in a completely different city.

Also, if a patient moves away, he or she can still have access to their preferred therapist. They first must make sure their therapist will offer telephone counseling services.

Just about anyone can benefit from telephone counseling, but there are specific demographics who will find a lot of comfort in the option.


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