How to keep staff motivated.

How to keep staff motivated.

How to keep staff motivated.


For a company to be productive, it requires hard work from the employees and also a keen attention over the processes in the company from the owner. Success in all areas boil down to a basic necessity: how to keep staff motivated.

As an owner or the boss, it is your responsibility to keep your staff motivated towards work and make it possible to continue and improve the productivity within the business.

There are many things that a superior must know to make sure that he or she can always drive and motivate employees – even when times get tough.

If you are one of those people who are trying to boost the motivation of your staff, then the following are things that you can do:

Always use manners.

Even if you are the boss, it is essential to be polite and show respect towards your employees.

It is highly recommended that you still use your manners whenever you request something from your staff and at the same time use such manners whenever you come and go from work.

Being polite helps give your staff a boost and improve their sense of self-worth for being a part of the company, and be more motivated in coming back to their job every single day.

Give Proper Credit When Due

You must think about the hours that your employees are spending on work and how often they get to spend time with their families.

It is only necessary to spend a few hours reaching out to those employees who have in excelled beyond the call of their duty. This will make them feel appreciated and be more motivated to do their job well.

This is called social recognition.

Recognising the hard work of your employees will give them the motivation to work even harder.

Encourage your staff to have fun within the workplace

Work shouldn’t always be focused on work.

Holding exciting events for employees that are not associated with work and are solely geared on relieving the stress levels and building camaraderie between colleagues would be a great idea.

The simple act of holding such events will make your staff feel that you care for them and their well-being. It will make them feel that you appreciate all the work they do.

Importance of Social Recognition

Given that there are bosses who are too busy with their roles, using social recignition software could be helpful in easily sending words of appreciation and even commending those employees who have excelled in their roles.

This is a form of communication building with your employees that will make them feel that you recognize their hard work and will motivate them to work harder too.

Social recognition is important in every company as it helps in boosting the confidence of every employee and at the same time make them feel more motivated in doing their job well.

Being the boss, you want to give simple words of encouragement to your employees and keep them working for the continued growth and success of the company.

Well motivated staff results in a higher workrate, more productivity and at the end of the day – better profit margins.


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Written by Arthur Wilson, freelance journalist and HR expert.

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