How to create a more pleasant office environment for your employees.


It seems that the most successful companies are the ones with the happiest employees.

A happy workforce is more motivated, productive and creative – often not fearing to go the extra mile, not because they are told to, but because they want to.

According to Survey Sampling International, less than a half of Australians are happy with their jobs. Happy workers, on the other hand, are 48.4 percent more likely to stay with the company. Still, a happy ship is not something that happens by accident. Use these 7 tips to change a better environment in your office instantly.


Introduce an open-door policy.


Employees are more satisfied and more likely to stay with the company if their opinion is listened to and appreciated.

Conflicts between workers and managers often surface when workers feel left out of the loop. Prevent them by introducing transparency between the management and the workforce.

Let your employees know that you are always available for questions, comments, and concerns. And yes, keep the door open literally.


Switch to collaborative language.


When you give direction to your staff, remember that the language you use plays a big part on how they perceive what you’re saying and their role in the work. By replacing ‘you have to’ with ‘why don’t we try’ you demonstrate appreciation for their skills and promote collaboration.

The people you hire don’t work for free, but certainly no one likes to feel as if they are working for a master.


How to Create a More Pleasant Office Environment for Your Employees


Create a clean…


Every psychologist will tell you that people feel better in areas that are attractive, comfortable and pleasant. But, you don’t need one to tell you that.

Clearing out the clutter and broken things makes sense both at home and in the office.

Replace the flickering light bulbs and repair defunct AC units. Also, replace the outdated furniture pieces with more functional and ergonomic sets.

Bring in the greenery and introduce quality coffee and snacks.


How to Create a More Pleasant Office Environment for Your Employees


… and a well-lighted space.


There is a strong connection between natural light levels in the workplace and the employee’s energy.

At Northwestern University Neurology Department they found out that people who spend their working hours in offices with windows receive 173 percent more white light during work hours and sleep an extra 46 minutes every night.

A well-rested worker has a clearer mind the next day.


Add on recreational areas.


If there is a backyard available, make room for outdoor hoops or at least an indoor ping pong table.

Your employees will enjoy having a place to get a little exercise and take their mind off the tasks. In addition, friendly tournaments can lead to better team cohesion and rapport.


Build a projection room.


Workplace presentations, training, and motivational videos are an important part of keeping employees aware of the actions being taken and changes being made within the company.

By equipping one room with a big screen and custom theatre seating solutions that are ergonomically designed, you can create a dedicated media presentation room that will stimulate the employees and hold their interest.


Limit meetings.


There are studies after studies that show workers consistently reporting that meetings are their biggest productivity killer.

An average office employee goes to 61.8 meetings per month, 63% of meetings don’t have an agenda, and 73% of people are doing something else at meetings.

Instead of pulling people away from their projects every time, use a centralized whiteboard, emails or other methods to communicate.

Since every company is different, there is no one size fits all solution for workplace happiness. This combination of physical and intellectual modifications can help you and your business make a shift towards a happier workplace and eventually, increased productivity.


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