Guiness World Record holder and Calgary author fight bullying.

Olyn Ozbick and Guiness World Record holding Frisbee thrower ‘Frisbee Rob’ McLeod work together to pen and produce a picture book to help in the battle against bullying.

The Davy Rule

The Davy Rule

The children’s book The Davy Rule was researched and written using McLeod’s own dog, Frisbee Catch World Champion and 2-time Guinness World Record holder Davy Whippet.

Using bright graphics and fun language, The Davy Rule teaches tolerance and helps children understand the problem of bullying, showing how to identify and handle bullying.

Elementary school teacher Lais Rumel helped to include exercises, games and discussion topics, and animal artist Shannon Darch provided the illustrations.

The Davy Rule

The Davy Rule is registered on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in an attempt to raise the funds necessary to print and distribute both soft and hardcover versions of the book.

The Kickstarter campaign had already reached 50% of its funding goal by the third day.

“Fifty percent is a fantastic early start,” says Ozbick. “We look forward to getting the book into the hands of as many parents, teachers, and of course children, as possible.”


Olyn Ozbick is a fiction and non-fiction writer whose work has been published extensively in magazines and literary journals and an award-winning local editor, publisher and writing instructor. Rob McLeod holds 6 Guinness World Records (2 of them with Davy), 8 Frisbee World Championships (4 of them with Davy) and is the exclusive thrower to Davy.

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