Even mild mental health problems in children can cause trouble later | NPR

Mild mental health problems as children can have an effect as adults.

Even mild mental health problems as children affect us as adults.

It’s not easy for a child who has had mental health issues to make a successful transition into adulthood. But even children who have symptoms that are mild enough that they wouldn’t be diagnosed are more likely to struggle with life as adults, a study finds.

Children and teenagers with a psychiatric disorder had six times higher odds of having at health, legal, financial and social problems as adults, according to a study published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry. Those with milder symptoms were three times more likely to have problems as adults.

We already know from previous studies that most adults with mental health issues had a previous psychiatric disorder during childhood – it doesn’t have to be the same exact condition. But this study shows mental health problems that occurred during childhood can make it more likely…

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Source: Even Mild Mental Health Problems In Children Can Cause Trouble Later : Shots – Health News : NPR

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