Edinburgh schoolyard bullying: shows bullying is a global concern.

A news story in the Edinburgh News today describes the horrendous schoolyard bullying experienced by ten year old primary school student Lewis Calvert.

schoolyard bullying pamphlet

Schoolyard bullying is a global concern.

The bullying experienced by Lewis has included verbal, physical and psychological bullying to the point of telling him he’s not wanted and should kill himself.

Lewis’ story is so familiar to me, including the lack of action by the school and staff. I’ve experienced something similar with my own son Stuart and I worry that the lack of consequences for the bullies in his case may lead to yet another toxic,  bullying employer or colleague once his  bully is an adult in the work force.

They do come from somewhere and this kind of behavior going unchecked as a child seems like the most likely breeding ground.

In previous posts on my personal blog, Feathering the  Empty Nest, I have described the bullying situations we’ve encountered and dealt with over the past couple of decades. These include:


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