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Dogs are well known for their abilities to assist police, search and rescue teams, and those with disabilities. Their loving demeanor and eager-to-please personalities make them the pupfect candidates to lend a paw in almost any situation. The overachieving canines are even making moves towards becoming a staple in the legal system by helping tiny humans testify against bad people.

The Washington Post recently covered the story about a dog named Caber. The adoring Labrador Retriever assisted a 10-year old girl during her sexual assault trial in British Columbia. The trial marks the first time a dog has been used in a British Columbia courtroom.

During trial, Caber lay at the young girl’s feet, comforting her as she testified. Caber’s handler, Delta Police Victim Services coordinator Kim Gramlich, said the girl held Caber’s leash during her lengthy testimony and bent down to pet him several times. At one point, the girl even lay down to cuddle and play with Caber a bit.

Caeber is one of Canada’s six accredited victim assistance dogs, introduced to the court system through a pilot program run by the Delta Police Victim Services and Surrey Crown Counsel Office (try and say that in one bark).     [read more]

Source: Dogs Are Now Helping Tiny Humans Testify Against Bad People – BarkPost

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