23rd Jan 2018

Are you guilty of cyber-bullying without knowing it?

Next time you’re using your social media accounts, take a good, close look at the comments left by you and your friends. I’ll bet you’ll find a few that to...

16th Jan 2018

‘Online disinhibition’ brings out the trolls.

There’s no other way to view the trend in ‘online disinhibition’ and trolls except as cyberbullying. Although it seems to be a fruitless and gargantuan pursuit, somehow this type of...

12th Jan 2018
Mediation in sexual harassment and bullying

Sexual Harassment and Bullying: Mediation’s Role

This article examines the role of mediation in resolving sexual harassment and bullying issues in the workplace. By Bert Binder  Sexual harassment and/or bullying in the workplace or in an...

10th Jan 2018

Bullying bosses, double standards plague working women | WGLT

Millions of women responded to allegations of sexual harassment against figures in the entertainment industry, members of Congress and prominent journalists through the hashtag #MeToo. Workplace experts say there is...

06th Jan 2018
How TV Teaches Children to Bully

Bullying and media culture: How TV teaches children to bully.

In today’s culture, it is absolutely true (and concerning) that TV teaches children to bully. Even the commercials for these television shows highlight the worst of these occurrences to draw...

28th Dec 2017
workplace bullying and mobbing.

Employers must intervene to reduce bullying and mobbing at work.

The Commission on Labor Standards work highlights ten years of practice in management of psychological harassment, bullying and mobbing at work. Employers must intervene for better prevention. The following is...

26th Dec 2017
Bullying and Peer Pressure on Teens

Peer Pressure on Teens, A Parent’s Alert Released Today by NoBullying

Peer Pressure on Teens: A parent’s alert released today by NoBullying.   This guide on peer pressure on teens is related to bullying in every possible way. Children are bullied...

10th Oct 2015
Indian residential school.

Residential school survivors face long waits for counselling, healing services | BC News

A Winnipeg healing centre is struggling to keep up with demand from residential school survivors for counselling services. “Some people have given up because they’ve been waiting since December 2012,”...

01st Aug 2015

Study: Frequent Social Media Use May Take Toll On Teens’ Mental Health « CBS Atlanta

Frequent social media use could have a negative impact on young people’s mental health, according to a new study. For many teens, going even an hour without checking Facebook, Instagram,...

26th Feb 2015

Don’t be an injured soul who walks through a pain-filled life.

Those injured souls; the people who walk gently through life, filled with a pain they can neither explain nor deny. Many can barely remember when it began and have little...