24th Apr 2015
Twitter bans bullying.

Finally, Twitter bans bullying!

Twitter has expanded their scope for finding and acting against abusive or bullying tweets, and therefore effectively bans bullying. According to Twitter.com’s press release: We believe that users must feel...

09th Apr 2015
Nurse and elderly man spending time together

American Nurses Association (ANA) seeks to prevent violence and bullying in health care facilities.

The following is a press release by the American Nurses Association (ANA), which is seeking to prevent violence and bullying in health care facilities.   ANA Panel Aims to Prevent...

06th Apr 2015
The Davy Rule

Guiness World Record holder and Calgary author fight bullying.

Olyn Ozbick and Guiness World Record holding Frisbee thrower ‘Frisbee Rob’ McLeod work together to pen and produce a picture book to help in the battle against bullying. The children’s...

27th Mar 2015
psychology of a bully

Understanding the Psychology of the Bully, with Dr. Mary C. Lamia.

Today we’re happy to present a follow-up to Narcissism and Shame on Social Media, An Interview with Mary. C Lamia, Ph.D., with an article written together with Dr. Lamia herself!...

13th Mar 2015
Child mental health awareness.

Children’s mental health awareness: Eradicating social stigma and providing early intervention.

Every conscientious parent is concerned about ensuring that they provide their children with the best of resources and care that they can afford. However, when it comes to mental health...

02nd Feb 2015
How to keep staff motivated.

How to keep staff motivated.

  For a company to be productive, it requires hard work from the employees and also a keen attention over the processes in the company from the owner. Success in...

08th Jan 2015
telephone counseling, telephone counselling, telephone psychological counselling, telephone psychological counseling, depression, anxiety, home bound,

What is telephone counseling?

Telephone counseling is a psychological service that is performed with groups, couples, and individuals over the phone. The main advantage to using this type of service is that there are...

27th Dec 2014
Coping With Bullies

Coping with bullies and surviving their cruel behaviors.

As someone who actively works on being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, childhood bullying and workplace bullying, I’ve come to realize how much I didn’t know about coping with...

08th Dec 2014

Do internet safety contracts really work to help with cyber bullying?

I often get asked by parents if internet safety contracts, or some other such tool, is a good idea or just a waste of time for helping their child deal...

18th Nov 2014
Creating and running an anti-bullying program.

Dos and don’ts for creating and running an anti-bullying program.

All school officials, staff and parents should be scrutinizing the anti-bullying program in their schools. The following article is a great listing of dos and don’ts for creating and running...

26th Jan 2014
NoBullying releases the guide to bullying and peer victimization today.

NoBullying releases the guide to bullying and peer victimization today.

Bullying and peer victimization are two negative aspects of school life for teens, children and even adults. NoBullying releases today the guide to what is bullying and what is peer...