12th Jul 2015
$4.48M payout in Pine Bush bullying case.

$4.48M payout in Pine Bush bullying case OK’d by judge – News – recordonline.com – Middletown, NY

WHITE PLAINS – Five Pine Bush students who were physically assaulted and bullied for being Jewish “lost part of their childhood,” according to emotional testimony given during a court hearing...

08th Jul 2015
Fat bullying.

Fat stigma fuels weight bullying. | The New York Times

Being “fat” is the most common reason children are bullied, and something needs to be done about it.   That is the predominant view of thousands of adults from four...

05th Jul 2015
The tattoo designed to end mental health taboo: Thousands support social media trend to have a semicolon inking.

Semicolon Project tattoo trend spreads to raise mental health awareness. | Daily Mail Online

Thousands of people across the globe are getting semicolons tattooed on their bodies in a bid to raise awareness about mental health. The simple punctuation mark – used to divide...

05th Jul 2015
Beauty blogger "My Pale Skin" responds to online bullying.

Beauty blogger My Pale Skin: Powerful response to online bullying | Yahoo7

When beauty blogger Em Ford of ‘My Pale Skin’ took a series of photos of herself without makeup earlier this year, she didn’t anticipate the negative reaction that followed. “Seriously…...

03rd Jul 2015
Kids who bully adults.

New book takes on the culture of kids bullying their parents | KCTV5

There’s a difference in parenting between a little backtalk and kids actually bullying their grown-ups.   Yes, you heard that right. Parent and family therapist Sean Grover writes in a...

26th Jun 2015
When your special needs child is getting bullied.

When your special needs child is getting bullied.

Special needs children are almost universally at a greater risk of bullying than their less-needful counterparts — and more than any others, they need their parents to respond appropriately. But...

21st Jun 2015
My Boss is a jerk!

Understanding and improving mental health in the workplace. | ACA Blog

Scope of the Problem Nearly 1 in 5 Americans have had a diagnosable mental health condition in the last year. i In fact, according to the World Health Organization, five...

09th Jun 2015
Help dogs in court.

Dogs Are Now Helping Tiny Humans Testify Against Bad People | BarkPost

Dogs are well known for their abilities to assist police, search and rescue teams, and those with disabilities. Their loving demeanor and eager-to-please personalities make them the pupfect candidates to...

04th Jun 2015

De-stress and refresh through meditation.

In an increasingly harried, depressed world, it’s important to take time to de-stress and refresh through meditation. Its power has never been more evident and we need it more than...

31st May 2015

This app lets students anonymously report bullying and crime. | GeekWire

A mantra around the country is if you see something, say something. But that might be harder than it sounds in school hallways. Now, students who may fear retaliation have...

30th May 2015
Emotional Intelligence or EQ

Can’t stand a difficult colleague? Tips to work together | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

Source: Can’t stand a difficult colleague? Tips to work together | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

28th May 2015
Queen's University

Mental Health | Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University

The principal is committed to ensuring that the university continues to be a proactive and responsive community that promotes every student’s success from the day they arrive through to graduation....