09th Jun 2015
Help dogs in court.

Dogs Are Now Helping Tiny Humans Testify Against Bad People | BarkPost

Dogs are well known for their abilities to assist police, search and rescue teams, and those with disabilities. Their loving demeanor and eager-to-please personalities make them the pupfect candidates to...

04th Jun 2015

De-stress and refresh through meditation.

In an increasingly harried, depressed world, it’s important to take time to de-stress and refresh through meditation. Its power has never been more evident and we need it more than...

31st May 2015

This app lets students anonymously report bullying and crime. | GeekWire

A mantra around the country is if you see something, say something. But that might be harder than it sounds in school hallways. Now, students who may fear retaliation have...

30th May 2015
Emotional Intelligence or EQ

Can’t stand a difficult colleague? Tips to work together | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

Source: Can’t stand a difficult colleague? Tips to work together | The Advisory Board Daily Briefing

28th May 2015
Queen's University

Mental Health | Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen’s University

The principal is committed to ensuring that the university continues to be a proactive and responsive community that promotes every student’s success from the day they arrive through to graduation....

28th May 2015

Should magic mushrooms and LSD be used to treat mental health problems?

Magic mushrooms and LSD should be legally reclassified so they can be used to treat common mental health problems, a leading psychiatrist has said.   James Rucker, honorary lecturer at...

27th May 2015
Teen mental health awareness by texting.

Mental health awareness campaign uses texting to target teens, young adults.

A text-driven national mental health awareness campaign is targeting those 14- to 24-years old, an age group where more than half are struggling with mental health issues. “It began in...

25th May 2015
To improve mental health, tackle problems early - The Globe and Mail

To improve mental health, tackle problems early – The Globe and Mail

“There’s a bogeyman that terrorizes Jacob Hartley. Jacob calls this monster “Bugger.”Jacob has always been an eccentric child, his mother Jennifer Hartley says. But his vivid imagination took a dark...

13th Mar 2015
Child mental health awareness.

Children’s mental health awareness: Eradicating social stigma and providing early intervention.

Every conscientious parent is concerned about ensuring that they provide their children with the best of resources and care that they can afford. However, when it comes to mental health...

08th Jan 2015
telephone counseling, telephone counselling, telephone psychological counselling, telephone psychological counseling, depression, anxiety, home bound,

What is telephone counseling?

Telephone counseling is a psychological service that is performed with groups, couples, and individuals over the phone. The main advantage to using this type of service is that there are...

04th Jan 2015
Jian Ghomeshi.

Who benefits from a healthier workplace?

Although everyone benefits from a healthier workplace, employers stand to benefit the most. We’re constantly hearing the same stories, only with different players and circumstances. Two examples of extreme workplace...

18th Nov 2014
Creating and running an anti-bullying program.

Dos and don’ts for creating and running an anti-bullying program.

All school officials, staff and parents should be scrutinizing the anti-bullying program in their schools. The following article is a great listing of dos and don’ts for creating and running...