Best friend or worst enemy: How to characterize yourself?

We all have people in our lives that we would consider to be enemies. If I asked you who your worst enemy was, what would your answer be?

Best friend or worst enemy: How to characterize yourself?

Best friend or worst enemy: How to characterize yourself?

If you were honest with yourself, your worst enemy might actually be yourself. Other people hurt us with their words and actions but we often hurt ourselves more than anyone else with our negative thinking. Have you ever really listened to the way you talk to yourself? Have you heard yourself saying any of these statements?

  • I’m worthless.
  • I’m so stupid.
  • I’m such a loser.
  • I never do anything right.
  • Nobody likes me.
  • I’m ugly.
  • Nothing good will ever happen to me.
  • I will never amount to anything.

I know that I’ve said all of these things to myself in the past and sadly I believed them. Why? Because other people in my life said them to me. This included my parents and other adults, my so-called friends, and the bullies at school. I thought they were right and I had to accept what they said because I had little confidence in myself. I didn’t realize that they could be wrong and I could stop myself from accepting their harsh words. So I thought these people didn’t like me and they became my enemies. What I didn’t realize is that my worst enemy followed me around everywhere I went.

After building my confidence and increasing my esteem, I began to understand that none of these negative statements were true and I learned to accept myself for who I was. Now I am able to use my awesome abilities and skills, knowing that I am a person of value.

So who is your worst enemy? Is it YOU? Maybe it is time to start making some positive changes in your life and understand that what people say to us is not always the truth. We should never allow the careless words of others to penetrate our minds and form destructive roots in our heart. People are hurting themselves and they will pass on their hurt to us if we allow it. We are often an innocent victim of someone else’s pain.

Making positive change requires commitment and patience. Every day we need to focus on the positives in our lives and try to minimize the negatives.

  • Say positive daily affirmations.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Stop your negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, places and things.
  • Learn how to accept your flaws and imperfections.

You can stop being your worst enemy and become your best friend. Life is uncomfortable when you live with someone you don’t like, so learn how to like yourself and find the happiness you are looking for. Start taking steps today in building confidence and increasing your self-esteem!


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