A new study about bullying might help politicians find some chill in debates. | MTV

After tuning in to last night’s first GOP Presidential debate, it seems like bullies are always winning. While it totally dashes all our ’80s movie revenge fantasies to see the loudest and scariest walk away with a victory, a new study out of Canada says it’s, sadly, kind of natural.

Following the Evolutionary Psychology Theory (EPT) that says that certain behaviors have evolved with us for species survival, researchers found that to preserve the physical, sexual and mental health — a lot of our ancestors must’ve (sic) developed those aggressive, domineering and, okay, straight-up mean traits.

The study looked closer at the advantages bullies have — from their don’t-mess-with-me reputations, their confidence levels and their sex lives — and found that the bullies often…

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Source: A New Study About Bullying Might Help Politicians Find Some Chill In Debates – MTV

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