A look at the increase in domestic violence during the holiday season.


Winter holidays certainly do not create violence in and of themselves. There are other factors that can inflame emotions and cause an increase in domestic violence during the holiday season.


Domestic violence is nearly always a reoccurring cycle of poor relations and poor restraint while discussing sensitive topics with family. The correlation between holiday events and an increase in altercations can likely be found in the simple fact that during that time of the year, people spend more time with each other in a domestic setting.

Additionally, the cold weather outside usually confines this increase in family time to the indoors where there is more privacy, a device that hides both the most wonderful and most detestable aspects of life.

And so, during the holiday season, a perfect winter storm of domestic violence can brew and rear its ugly head upon an unfortunate household.


Domestic disputes.


increase in domestic violence during the holiday season.

Causes of an increase in domestic violence during the holiday season.

At least 1 in 4 households have instances of domestic violence in any given year, however, due to significant under-reporting to police the true number can only be higher.

This figure increases 17% during Christmas, 22% during Thanksgiving, and 32% during New Years.

Now, it can be noticed the first two holidays listed are perhaps the more family oriented events, which then leads us to discuss what other factors contribute to altercations, especially on New Years, aside from more time spent together.

As previously stated, most of the correlation between an increase in violence during the holiday season is due to just ‘more of the same’. However, there are some additional factors to be considered that can serve as catalysts to inflame tempers.

These include, but are not limited to, the pressure of gift giving, end of year layoffs from work, seasonal depression, having to cope with not just more time spent with immediate family but large family groups, and of special note – alcohol.




Partying with alcohol.

Partying with alcohol.

If you live in a household that has any measure of violent history, please take precautions against these catalysts. Find ways to enjoy your time with your family while avoiding things that may lead to unnecessary heightened emotional states.

If alcohol makes someone in your home angry or violent, then it should go without saying that it should not be included as an element of your festivities. Having a little extra fun with alcohol isn’t worth the risks that accompany it.

Domestic violence can leave life long scars, literally if not just emotionally, and isn’t something to be gambled with.

In the long term, everyone is to be encouraged to pursue healthy relationships. Be patient and considerate when choosing who you want to make serious personal bonds with, but above all, keep your eyes wide open.






Once in a committed personal relationship, the maintenance of that relationship should be handled with the same care that the pursuit was.

“Communication” has become a cliche for couples and families who are not on good terms.

However, as previously noted, the reason domestic violence increases during the winter holidays is primarily because there is also an increase in communication.

Rather than coming from expressly voluntary reasons

, it happens by default and obligation and is often little prepared for. Constant dialogue about touchy issues throughout the year can produce small, healthy arguments as opposed to blow ups.

If avoiding seasonal risks and attempting good communication doesn’t seem to be enough for your situation, seek counseling. If counseling doesn’t work, then ultimately you will have to make some important decisions regarding the removal of potential victims, be it yourself or others, from harm’s way.


Hopefully, future holiday seasons can be the joyous occasions they are meant to be for more and more families as we bring awareness of domestic violence and encourage people to be safer, nicer, and make healthier life decisions.


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