Being positively beautiful is difficult in the face of bullying.

Positively Beautiful: Beauty bullying has got to stop.


“Wow. She’s going to the gym … again? She’s already so skinny. Talk about obsessive.”

“Looks like she got some ‘work’ done. How sad. She looks terrible.”

If there’s one thing that breaks my heart more than just about anything else, it’s seeing and hearing women cruelly pick apart and tear down other women.

It’s disturbingly common. Even women who are usually gracious, spiritually centered and kind can slip into this kind of vicious gossip around a brunch table. Especially when the mimosas are flowing—and the victim of this cruel banter is out of earshot.

We see it in the news as female political candidates are judged by their hairstyle and size of their ankles. There was a lot of “talk” about Princess Kate because she dared to put a little makeup on and brush her hair shortly after giving birth. She was deemed “too beautiful” for a new mom. And don’t forget “Fashion Police” was one of the most popular shows on E! Network. [read more]

Source: Positively Beautiful: Beauty bullying has got to stop | INFORUM

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