10 things first class managers notice.

A study by LinkedIn has highlighted just how important recognizing employees is, specifically observing the 10 things first class managers notice about their employees.

Staff recognition and incentives.

Employee recognition in the workplace.

The B2B focused social network surveyed 450 full time workers, asking their feelings and attitudes towards recognition of managers for their positive contributions to a company. The study focused on the value of employee recognition, and not simple reward schemes common in the sales environment.

The results of the study were quite profound, in particular in relation to staff loyalty.

In fact, 33% of those questioned said they had actually quit a role due to feeling undervalued in their job.

This figure actually grew to 37% for younger employees (under the age of 40) who said they quit as they felt their daily efforts went unrecognized.

This study is just one of a number of studies that highlights the importance of effective employee recognition in any workplace, illustrating just how important it is for those in management to become first class ‘noticers’ and recognize their staff.

10 things first class managers notice.

10 things first class managers notice.

Infographic by Workstars.

photo credit: CLEAR VISION via photopin (license)

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